Asmara Bella
San Diego, California

Creative Direction
Logo & Identity
Voice & Tone
Branding Identity for a high end jewelry brand based in San Diego, California. The name Asmara Bella is inspired by the founders ethnicity, with Asmara being the capital of Eritrea and Bella meaning beautiful in Italian. With this, I was inspired to capture the beauty and elegance in the brand identity and logo design.

Asmara Bella’s logo is minimal and timeless with a modern wordmark and luxurious monogram. The letters ‘A’ and ‘B’ are connected by a single line. This allows the monogram to fit inside of a circular shape, allowing it to be applied in a broad spectrum.

Inspired by the golden hour of the day, the colors for Asmara Bella are warm and rich including colors such as pumpkin, forest, and chocolate combined with neutral tones of beige and gray.
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